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Dennis Atienza

Dennis T. Atienza (b. 1976) has actively participated in different art exhibitions which made him decide to study Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Product Design and Development Technology in TUP. As a student, he joined the Shell National Student Art Competition and was given a Merit Award. Because of life challenges, Dennis was unable to finish college. Instead, he followed the footsteps of his father to work in Saudi Arabia as an all-around artist, designer, and florist. He continuously created big paintings for families serving the local government in Jeddah. Upon his return to the Philippines in 2005, Dennis’ experiences in the Middle East became a tool for him to continuously make beautiful, realistic paintings. In 2008, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) has granted Dennis the 2nd Placer Award for his art piece “Departed Deported” which speaks about his situation as an OFW. In the same year, Dennis was given an opportunity to have his one-man show in Nineveh. In 2011, Dennis became the Juror’s Choice Finalist in the Philippine Art Awards.

About the Artist

Selected Works

December 18, 2021


December 9, 2021

Dennis Atienza
In the Land called Solace


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