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Ian Inoy

Ian Inoy (b. 1996) is a visual storyteller whose works portray his sensitivity and openness toward the world around him. His paintings showcase an endless array of surreal scenes and adorable yet mysterious-looking creatures, which also delve into a deep understanding of life and reality.

lan's work allows a playful contrast between subjects of choice and concepts of life. By purposely using recognizable objects in his paintings, he encourages people to dive deeper into the meanings they possess without removing their sense of innocence.

For lan, the most effective way to pass on knowledge is when we relearn how to absorb experiences during our youth, hence his choice to form these childlike subjects for people to create intimate dialogues with his paintings. However, such appearance should not be mistaken for naiveté. Through this quasi-blithesome imagery, the artist encourages his viewer to see the enriching and redeeming aspects of the otherwise bleak moments of life a humble yet hopeful acknowledgment of their existence in a personalized theater play.

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