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From swiftly welcoming each break of dawn to decelerating gradually toward an obscure exit,
society has been cautious in measuring short distances and slowing down its pace in a time of
the pandemic. To a greater extent, Miguel Franco even depicts humanity that has come to a

In his exhibit, “Abstract by Design,” Miguel deconstructs bold and authentic emotions
experienced in a realm transfixed by uncertainty and hesitation. He delves into themes of
yearning to move forward while comprehending imperceptible tensions posing immobility.
Utilizing a monochrome palette, the artist juxtaposes images of clocks, unoccupied furniture,
and floating cranes - all put to a halt beneath an overwhelming and curious sky of darkness.
Nonetheless, the artist illuminates his subjects under mellow yet radiant moonlight, which
gleams of hopes for clarity.

Miguel and his body of work proceed with an honest exploration of the artist’s encounters and
confrontations brought about by recent occurrences. As personal as it is, Miguel’s exhibition
relates to the multitude, inevitably transporting an individual to an abstract multiverse designed
to challenge the potential of being.

[Write up by Deseree Mangulabnan]

December 18, 2021
December 9, 2021

Miguel Franco

Abstract by Design

Abstract by Design
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