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“As Light Whispers” delves into the complexities of nonchalance, and how these facets echo as quiet melancholy or candid grace. From his previous series that explored a myriad of sensations emanating from simple and modest objects, visual artist, Denmark Maribojoc now examines a more compact and direct relationship with serenity and individuality.

To magnify such calm and collected emotions, the artist lets the light peek through a dark room and gently rest on his female subjects, allowing her beauty to slowly come into view. Despite the artist’s use of a dark background, Denmark delicately blankets warmth to the canvas. The artist goes beyond stoic walls and depicts a particular elegance that is effortlessly imbibed in the subject’s gaze. While the eyes directly communicate with the viewer, Denmark’s artwork does not intimidate, but rather assures a resurgence of interest in tranquil dialogues, letting light whisper affection, and reverberate stillness and tranquility.

Write-up by Deseree Mapandi

October 6, 2023
September 27, 2023

Denmark Maribojoc

As Light Whispers

As Light Whispers
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