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Visual artist Miguel Franco explores new ground in continuation of his path to rebirth and self-discovery. “Better for My Soul” touches on the artist’s phantasms that connote a spiritual awakening – morphed imageries in an augmented reality that seems to replicate its visualities, but ultimately alters the human perception. 

Taking a closer look, Franco’s rudimental characters venture into ongoing streams of consciousness; familiar silhouettes from reality are transfixed in frames within a frame, differing in concept yet coexisting in a singular image of thought. With this, Franco attempts to universally tread a silver lining in an endlessly roaming mind – coalescing themes of isolation, acceptance, and discovery. In his imagery, various combinations of form, technique, and medium are grounded in hues of ink and ivory.

An onward take on his evolving artistry, the compositions ultimately narrate mementos of an introspective quest into the inevitable unknown, hoping to discover a resurgence that awaits on the other side. For Miguel, the exhibition depicts the uncharted terrains of the subconscious, delving deep into the complexities of human existence.

Text by Therese Atienza

November 3, 2023
October 28, 2023

Miguel Franco

Better for My Soul

Better for My Soul
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