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Art Underground Manila

Nicole’s work touches heavily on self-exploration depicted through both the confinement and the
liberty of the ever-flowing ocean. — This is her representation of man’s beautiful duality; our
body and mind, our matter and spirit.

Her unconventional portrayal of the subject transcends how the human eye was accustomed to
perceive bodies of water, and in this exhibit Nicole aims to break human stereotypes and how
we were accustomed to see and judge ourselves and others.

Nicole’s works highlight the importance of contrast; stern yet free, ever flowing yet confined,
light and dark. For her, these themes exemplify the beauty that makes us human; our inner
battles, our depth, and the fact that we are all indeed creatures of contrast who are capable of
being beautiful despite our inner complexities.

December 18, 2021
December 9, 2021

Blue Period

Blue Period
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