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It is when blanketed in shadows of obscurity that light softly shines through, and gently introduces uplifting moments for the soul. Artist, Nashreen, acknowledges such growth as she depicts blooming through these experiences in her exhibition.

“Breakthrough” delves into personal successes that are subconsciously manifested in visual nostalgia. Nashreen finely paints her subjects on tranquil waters, quietly floating towards paths of peculiarities. Simultaneously, her subjects are embraced by layers of mist that emanate a sense of security and comfort. Evident in the artist’s oeuvre is a glow that seems to peek through the fog, delicately illuminating her artwork.

Through her exhibit, the artist narrates an introspection of her individual musings, calmly processing emotions, and illustrates a visual journal for the viewers to interact and have a dialogue of self-searching. Nashreen and her artworks embrace quiet and unconventional strengths anchored to hopes of achieving humble breakthroughs.

Write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

June 30, 2022
June 21, 2022


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