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The distinct human nature of obtaining ambition strongly circulates in the psyche, visions of claiming dominance, defying time, and drifting in assuring oceans. Visual artist, Jefkin Bienes, explores this range of portals to the subconscious, a myriad of passions which are all plentiful to the soul.

In his exhibition entitled “Dauntless Gates,” Bienes investigates the fine line between intrigue and outcome, a delicate but critical process of reconciliation with growth, and a moment of metamorphosis to revive one’s self. Known for his surreal collection of works, Bienes playfully juxtaposes recognizable images of landscapes, seascapes, and fauna, bringing together thought- provoking narratives to his paintings, some, depicting stability against crashing waves, others, disrupting the usual trains of thought with push-and-pull tensions. Similar to the artist in his continuous quest of enrichment and self-discovery, Bienes and his body of work urge the viewer to not only voluntarily get hold of the keys to unlock the unseen, but also, to gallantly and dauntlessly enter the gates.

Write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

May 5, 2022
April 26, 2022

Jefkin Bienes

Dauntless Gates

Dauntless Gates
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