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Equanimity or "equal mind" is when the psyche is neither attached nor hostile towards the good and bad. It simply means the mind being at peace with both the pleasant and unpleasant qualities of life. For my first solo exhibition, I would like to convey this idea through my work and introduce a balancing act of seemingly opposing notions to represent the undifferentiated. Additionally, I would like to impart my love for the practice of drawing and how it has been a great tool for generating a sense of joy and mental quietude for myself during times of distress.

My work for this exhibition is primarily portrayed through patterns and characters, each having its assigned personal meaning. For instance, the appearance of bees is my depiction of child-like wonder and adult responsibility. The cats to me, are an illustration of both honesty and instinct. The lamb represent the conjunction of savagery and morality, implying the concept of non-violence or the avoidance of unecessary violence. Animal symbolisms play a large part on how I communicate my work in the same way with patterns. The intricately drawn patterns here are my own surreal representation of impermanence and the roundabout aspects of the human experience. These patterns are worn by the magical humanoid characters which in part, represent the build up of fluctuations that, in the end, create life itself.

October 6, 2023
September 27, 2023

Jemill Pangilinan


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