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Visual artist Arce uses the elements and structural aesthetics of Corbels to form his oeuvre for “Held”. Corbels, a kind of triangular bracket that holds up protruding pieces against vertical surfaces in furniture and architecture, juxtaposes the artist’s idea for the title and the acronym it represents: Hope Endures Lost Dreams.

Corbels, by definition, are designed to support weight, usually roof beams. Although the artworks are melted symbolizing one’s surrender to defeat, it is also symbolic of how the artist intends to lean on God as support knowing one can surrender to a higher being in times of despair.

The exhibit will be composed of hanging works with a center installation serving as a crossroad, a two-point perspective of the artist’s take on life and the human psyche. Arce’s works for “Held” sits at the juncture of two entirely different explorations. There is the exploration of the idea: challenging notions of decay and growth, destruction to rebuild, breakdown before a breakthrough. And there is the exploration of the manufacturing process, the method of fabrication — the engineering — required to accomplish a functional realization of that idea.

Text by: Grace Ng

June 2, 2022
May 29, 2022



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