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Art Underground Manila

“Homeostasis”, Ivy Floresca’s debut exhibition at Art Underground, introduces an oeuvre in tribute to the ebbs and flows of natural life. Composing a verdant salience featuring worldly inhabitants that contribute and give life to nature’s treasures, the artist’s approach is delicately sound, exuding a form of lightness in feeling and thought with the use of light, shade, and depth.

Further, Floresca experiments with the rudiments of shape, form, and design – bringing her concepts out and beyond to its three-dimensional walls: archival borders of design that complement, at the same time, contrast the harmonious environment it confines. With this, the imagery presented creates a tangible yet metaphysical balance; connected yet differing in structure, ultimately finding its sense of composure.

Similar to the artist’s dispositions, “Homeostasis” is a cosmic exploration within the frame of a blooming mind, ever-regarding the outside forces of nature we are predisposed to as beings of existence. Ivy Floresca also hopes for her viewers to observe their own intuitions – to be conscious of what the mind and spirit can transcend once we listen to it.

Write-up by Therese Atienza

July 28, 2023
July 19, 2023

Ivy Floresca


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