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Familiar to the Filipino people is the constant rage of natural calamities, and for each occurrence, the community’s resilience always abounds. Through his sculptures, artist, Art de Leon, investigates the willpower of mankind in finding stillness and rising above adversities.

In his exhibition entitled “Keep Calm,” Art explores the multifaceted nature of Filipino tenacity. His subjects of human figures are submerged knee-deep in a flood of blue waters, a repeated experience suffered by many Filipinos from numerous typhoons. Despite the situation, each face reveals undisturbed expressions emanating quietude imbued with hope. Some carry a mask of Batman, a well-known fictional superhero, which Art correlates to the commonly uttered phrase “Bahala na si Batman” or “Leave it up to Batman” when translated into English. The artist depicts these words through scenarios of people with peaceful faces, proceeding with the day-to-day quotidian routine, and perceiving better conditions to come.

Art and his sculptures create opportunities for the viewer to contemplate and determine who is deemed the hero in these circumstances. All in all, the exhibition urges the self to collect one’s sentiments, regain composure, and keep calm amid the vicissitudes of life.

Write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

August 11, 2022
August 2, 2022

Art De Leon

Keep Calm

Keep Calm
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