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It’s in moments of dissociating from the I and being one with everything else when centuries of geographical wisdom offer us clarity. Being cut off from the self and others ironically deeply immerses us in our most authentic being— creating a permanent impression of sense and thought in time and space.

When we open ourselves up for nature to intervene in moments of deep contemplation, we create, alchemize, and integrate our memories with that of the space we ensconce ourselves in. As to which comes first— the being’s realization or nature’s intervention—one may never fully be able to separate, where it begins and where it ends.

This profound interaction removes one from the scene as much as it deeply ingrains them within it. A new perspective is born for the subjects, a new memory for the landscape.

As the subject and the landscape communicate, a snapshot of their clandestine contract is captured. An understanding that will belong to them only for a fraction of the transient encounter but will forever be archived in their lifetimes.

Beings permeating and absorbed; immersed yet not entirely submerged nor subdued.
A new history created with little to no need for verbiage.
An internal exchange translating from the landscapes of the mind to the landscapes we occupy, brief but never fleeting.

Written by AB Coronel

September 22, 2023
September 13, 2023

Jay Torres

Landscape Dialogues

Landscape Dialogues
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