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In times of isolation, allowing the mind to ponder and sometimes overthink, one can find a sense of clarity. For visual artist Red Salonga, he finds a moment to escape from the silent chaos.

In search of this clarity, Salonga’s figments are found beyond the walls of reclusion: placed in external sceneries hued in auburn, delving further into the realm of the ruminating mind. With this, the artist enters a space of vulnerability – allowing his characters to wander, to cultivate a sound mind in hopes of finding a calm tune from all the outlying noise.

“Moments of Respite” narrates the humane journey of finding inner peace, creating a spiritual sanctuary in which Salonga’s figments are now seen outside of the box – no longer within the confines of reservation, merely spectating at the outside world. Looking onward, the characters now face the terrain of introspection, taking a moment to rest, to reflect, and to seek a glimpse of serenity.

Write-up by Therese Atienza

November 3, 2023
October 25, 2023

Red Salonga

Moments of Respite

Moments of Respite
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