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Can we return to times when we worry less?
Can we go back to childhood moments when having fun was just simple?
Can we simply make friends and create memories?
Can we just be giddy and laugh about silly things?

“No Room For Sadness” takes its viewers on a nostalgic journey of tapping into one’s childhood, unboxing memories of sheer joy, and rediscovering the pure and the simple. Ian Inoy’s oil paintings of adorable furry creatures and participatory installations implore the viewer to revisit mindlessness, and being free from self-consciousness.

As an artist, Ian takes inspiration from childhood memories, grabbing qualities from re-imagined charming animals. His goal is to be able to present images that are easy on the eyes, layered with profound meanings of what the real world encompasses. The artist believes that personal experiences are the best teachers of growth and being able to comprehend various ways of coping with life.

In his first solo exhibition, Ian and his artworks create an environment for people to re-embody their inner children – the ones who truly believed in themselves, an environment blanketed with glee and delight, evidently allowing no room for sadness.

October 20, 2023
October 11, 2023

No Room For Sadness

No Room For Sadness
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