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As the velvet night looms in the garden where darkness reigns, the moon and flowers seem to emanate their radiance and luminescence.

In Maru’s first solo show, the artist wanted to incorporate personal themes that heavily inspired her works throughout the years. Her subjects have consistently been parts of her growth and individuality as an artist. Her delicate color palette creates a sense of boldness and radiance, alongside tranquil and gentle beauty.

Her midnight sky, a feeling of unknown fate, yet a peaceful backdrop for reflection and contemplation, symbolizes a sense of being lost, disconnected, or misunderstood, thus highlighting the melancholic aspects of her life.

She embraces the graceful movements of her goldfish and koi representing prosperity, transformation, abundance, harmony, and balance. The artist highlights the intricacy of flowers - a mirror of her femininity, fragile yet resilient.

Lastly, Maru showcases her lovable feline companions as symbols of curiosity, divine connection, and enigma. The artist's feline muses are her sources of hope, positive energy, and strength.

Maru and her artworks become beacons of light, the glistening whispers of gold swimming in the sea of blooms, illuminating the path to dreams and midnight reveries, all gracefully flowing in an inspired nocturnal garden.

Write-up by Deseree Mapandi

November 27, 2023
November 18, 2023

Nocturnal Garden

Nocturnal Garden
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