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Veering away from the contemplative setting, visual artist, Ciron Señeres, explores a different perception toward the arts, one that leaves critical conversations and profound thinking at the door with “Non-concept.”

The exhibition is a direct investigation into the process of creation without any concrete plan in finalizing an expected output, the artworks being products of the artist in progress toward an indefinite idea. Initially engaging himself with multiple impressions, Señeres comes across a mental glitch with a stack of ideas, multilayered in random order, which then leads to an appreciation of a facet of how the mind works. Despite these undefined routes, Señeres recognizes the approach as enriching, somehow deepening his frame of mind in the construction, or rather, the dissection of art itself, hence his absorption in the deconstruction, decomposition, and demolition of his subjects. Through his artworks, Señeres depicts a dimension that demands an immediate experience of not knowing, no distinct content, something nonconceptual.

Write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

June 2, 2023
May 24, 2023

Ciron Señeres


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