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Art Underground Manila

My artistic vision is shaped by a profound fascination with the concept of "Phases." These phases are [to my mind] crucial to the universe's very essence and the life that inhabits it—they represent the evolutionary cycles that govern our existence, driving us forward even as they challenge us to adapt and grow.

The phases of life we experience are portals that shift our outlook and understanding of ourselves and the world. Each phase is an opportunity to grow and transform, to learn from our experiences and the lessons that life presents us, and to elevate ourselves towards a more unified and enlightened state of being.

Likewise, the phases of the moon are a constant reminder that nothing remains still; all is in flux, boldly embracing the unknown with each new phase. These phases evoke a sense of mystery, awe, and sublime beauty, representing a certain energy, the infinite potential of our inner being, and the mysteries of the universe waiting to be discovered.

At a deeper level, the stages of consciousness offer yet another layer of insight into the complex human mind. It represents the journey towards self-awareness and understanding, helping us to see beyond superficial appearances and to glimpse the transcendent beauty of the innermost self.

Thus, my art is an ode to the transformative power of Phases, which serve as a testament to the infinite potential of the universe and humanity itself. They are reminders that change is inevitable—that we can find beauty, meaning, and purpose within each new phase. These transformations hold the keys to unlocking the truths at the core of human existence.

July 14, 2023
July 5, 2023



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