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In the stillness, there is a quiet playfulness that creates the feeling of home.
Not everyone will view it as such, for wonder and daydreams no longer associate with silence as people shed their inner child.

When a stranger walks by the home one created and peeps through its window, they might see loneliness, isolation - a lonesome body out of place in a huge space, with no real companionship other than a winged stranger to cover up emptiness, like an echo.

These strangers with different sensibilities may not be seeing through the glass but staring back at themselves.

But under the right light and a shared disposition with that of a young at heart, what is reflected back to them is a flower child taking up space and illuminating every corner she occupies, peacefully playing house in her sacred quiet - like a star playing house in her sacred quiet - like a star creating light from its core, unafraid of stillness, quietly dancing in the vast expanse of the milkyway.

Written by: AB Coronel

August 14, 2022
August 1, 2022

Marc Aran Reyes

playing invisible

playing invisible
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