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In navigating abstract concepts, Carlos Daniel Bermas introduces SAIS as an embodiment of his ruminations and experiences. Personified with a childlike presence drawn from the children shows he grew up watching, SAIS also represents the inevitability of growth: a never-ending and ever-changing curiosity and wonder in life, which gives its audiences an opportunity for reflection.

As a nod to his beginnings, Bermas' Prologue pushes the recognition of one's identity through introspection - "Only the ideas we live are of any value." SAIS challenges this thought over portraits with suggestive expressions, symbolisms, and refractions that contextualize various themes of individuality, solitude, interests, achievements, struggles, passion, power, beauty, and time that form realities of ourselves. Who are we as influenced by these conditions?

Embedded in a cathartic narrative, Prologue is the pursuit of the creative and the existential that are interconnected. What can be witnessed is the means of making sense of Sais' artistic practice in hopes of kindred dialogues about the bigger picture of it all.

August 31, 2022
August 22, 2022



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