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As he continues to explore the nature of mankind’s tenacity, sculptor, Art de Leon, immerses himself under a sea of personal ruminations to unhinge the conscious to a more internal comprehension of what connection is.

“Reconnect” examines the reciprocation of action and responses between human and nature, specifically water. Through his artworks, Art investigates the patience of one’s self in finding serenity and rising above adversities. From the intimacy of flesh and water in the womb until external interactions of submerging the body in vast oceans, it has been integrated in the psyche to find relief and calmness in the sight of quiet ebbs and flows.

The exhibition provides opportunities for self-contemplation to realize stillness in floating or standing in free waters – to harbor genuine intentions of reconnection with the self, imbibing a sound mind and soul.

Write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

February 19, 2023
February 10, 2023

Art De Leon


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