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The cyclical nature of the living world brings about complexities in the past, present, and future phenomena. These intricate strings form multiple webs of connected topics, expanding the concept of emergence not just as an individual arc.

Reemergence, a group exhibition curated by Deseree Mangulabnan, examines the themes of nature’s evolution, human civilization, and the perceived value of common objects. Each subject matter presents a cause and effect to significant events, which give rise to a fluctuation of interrelated narratives. The natural development of the environment is depicted through the artworks of Nea de Leon, Mimi Salibio, Nicole Soltes, Maria Salvador, Dennis Atienza, Jay Torres, and Jefkin Bienes, starting with organic elements moving to the birth of animals and man. The works of Art de Leon, Kathleen Gobasco, Red Salonga, Lorebert Maralita, and Eloy Muñoz, investigate the importance of mankind, from looking into the individual body to its contributions to the progress of society, and humanity. Lastly, the discussion on the significance of the non-living items produced by man is portrayed in the works of Catherine Salazar, Froilan Pastrana, Miguel Franco, HT, and JM Saycon.

Multiple ripples are disturbed by other sources, merging with another, to the effect of more. Consequently, the exhibit urges the viewer to continue the dialogue and work with one’s inner intuition, posing the question of what would reemerge from today’s current movement.

February 26, 2022
February 14, 2022


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