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The kindhearted wind
Softly breathes above water
As the roots grow deep

At times of confronted ambiguities, one seeks tranquil silence either in the tangible or spiritual, even both to a greater extent. Through his artworks, visual artist, Arnold Lalongisip, drifts the conscious toward a peaceful encounter with one’s self. For the artist, these quiet, internal conversations come at an opportune time amid the absorbed mental and emotional clutter.

In his exhibition entitled “Simply Grey,” Lalongisip depicts the calm nature of Zen energy flowing through himself and his body of work. Utilizing his recognized monochrome grey palette, the artist paints vast mountain ranges, still skies and waters, trees grounded with tales of wisdom, birds soaring – freedom in its wings, and abandoned boats floating with seemingly melancholic histories. Understanding his subjects and themes, Lalongisip explores the harmonious associations of polarities, finding the balance between strength and fragility, and awareness and intuition, encapsulating a holistic view of one’s introspection.

Collectively, the artist’s intention for this series is clear. Lalongisip urges the viewer to immerse the self in the scenic ambience, realize the relaxed energy from within, and participate in the meditative process of finding Zen, one's personal space and simple sanctuary of peace.

Haiku and write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

April 13, 2022
April 2, 2022

Arnold Lalongisip

Simply Grey

Simply Grey
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