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Painting a melody of elegance through his artworks, Neil Defeo explores a different theme in his solo exhibit, “Symphonies of Grace” – a quaint breather from his known style of social realism. The artist expands his range of subject matter by building on his introspection of sources of joy and positivity which emanate in music and dance.

The exhibit highlights a scenic orchestra of ballerinas posed gracefully, accompanied with musical instruments which tend to softly play a romantic tune of emotion. Defeo beautifully works with warm colors and vignettes, which seemingly capture a tender moment from a full performance, a delicate moment calm enough to bring about a touch of nostalgia. From paintings to venturing into resin sculptures, Defeo is able to let his artworks jump from the canvas, giving a holistic perspective to his subjects.

As one moves across the gallery, gazing through the artist’s prima ballerinas, one is charmed and captivated, embracing a flow of cheerful movement. Defeo and his works express and reflect a personal exploration of finding joy in the nostalgic and picturesque, allowing one’s self to be blanketed with symphonies of grace.

[Write up by Deseree Mangulabnan]

October 25, 2021
October 15, 2021

Neil Defeo

Symphonies of Grace

Symphonies of Grace
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