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Trees have always been surrounded by myths and legends. From the beginning of time, trees have had symbolism attributed to their existence. Different cultures from all over the world attach certain meaning to one of nature’s most beautiful inhabitants. Symbols range from the passage of time to symbols of wealth and power. They are vital to how we see the world evolve from one era to another.

As subjects to the changing of seasons, they help us perceive time in the absence of a clear indicator. Green to yellow, yellow to red, and from the vibrant colors of its foliage to its plumage turning brown and falling in the cold of winter.

Different cultures would also attach meanings of divinity to the existence of certain trees. In Japan, the Sakaki tree is especially sacred because of its significant role in the Japanese creation story. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the gods sat upon a sycamore fig, and twin sycamore figs stood at the eastern gate of heaven. In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is also called the world tree where beneath the three roots the realms of Asgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim were located. In many places of the world, many cultures attribute the name “Tree of life” to certain species and that has translated into many myths and folklore told through the ages.

In the Philippines, the Narra Tree symbolizes the strength of character with its durable structure. This has translated into the wood of the Narra Tree being used to make homes that have stood the test of time. The practical application that translates from the characteristics of trees helps shape the aesthetic, symbolic, and practical evolution of our culture. Trees are everywhere and, so are their stories. It is a unifying existence that everyone around the world can relate to. It is a presence that is both sacred and practical. It gives meaning and it gives life.

“The Passing of Time” will focus on different landscape paintings depicting dreamlike places with a treehouse. It will range from very gray and unsaturated to silhouettes and vibrant pieces showing locales that are almost surreal. From sheltering foliage to barren branches, trees represented in different states will tell a story of how they are one of our most omnipotent companions throughout time.

April 1, 2022
March 23, 2022

Erikson Arcilla

The Passing of Time

The Passing of Time
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