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“Transpire” explores the concept of growth, and how its ripples expand across the perceptible fluidity of art. With the works of Nea de Leon, Siefred Guilaran, Ian Inoy, Paul David Magisa, Pollyanna, Mimi Salibio, Maria Salvador, and JM Saycon, collectively, the group exhibition depicts several facets of motion and change, each artwork choosing its direction of ambiguity.

Moving through a multitude of dimensions, one perceives furtherance through blossoming externally, colliding the subconscious with reality, and probing internal assumptions and contradictions leading to a course of separation. In all cases, the artists and their respective artworks magnify present manifestations of what is happening, acknowledging the action and reaction as signs of progress regardless of the
expected output.

Realizing growth.
Sentiments that are fluid
For life to transpire.

Write-up and haiku by Deseree Mangulabnan

December 9, 2022
November 30, 2022

Various Artists


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