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Being wary of time has influenced the self to be sensitive to its movement and flow, wherein, ultimately, society has developed a conscious reaction to it. It is when viewed from a macro perspective, that mankind seems to be a microcosm in the entirety of time’s universe. Visual artist, Jay Torres, contemplates this realization as he depicts humanity’s role as a spectator in time’s realm, patiently assessing its manifestations.

“Under the Sun, Beneath the Ground” explores the fine line of separation or merging between the concepts of beginning and end. In this exhibition, Torres highlights the individual’s experience of both polarities occurring simultaneously. With time being in full control of its course, mankind is compelled to move with its flow. Torres uses houses as his subjects, all located on vast lands covered by lahar, portions of the house’s base submerged underneath the blanket of gray. To the artist, a house represents where most beginnings take place, where one’s eyes first open to the yearnings of having a home, and a place where one initially becomes a spectator of time. As much as stillness is felt through his landscapes, Torres slightly adds glitches to his subjects and faint reflections on water – perceptions of mankind to certain realities.

Drawing from his personal experience of overcoming a lahar disaster, Torres contemplates mankind as mere observers of what time has to offer, may it be impressed aspirations or distorted truths. The artist and his works present an indefinite discernment of when start or end happens but acknowledge possibilities of both happening at the same time. It is time that permits the psyche when can one confront what is under the sun and/or beneath the ground.

Write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

June 16, 2022
June 7, 2022

Jay Torres

Under the Sun, Beneath the Ground

Under the Sun, Beneath the Ground
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