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Mesmerized by the allegories of interlaced whim and grace, visual artist, Neil Defeo, pursues a creative construction and depiction of the eccentric individual in his portraits that unfold the tales of thy Sir and thy Lady.

“Wall of Candor” explores the alluring amalgamation of wit, romance, and amusement, all interweaved in the human persona. Defeo’s exhibition serves as a continuation of his previous collection which was painted in watercolor. This time around, the artist utilizes oil as a bold pursuit to express vividness. He traipses the narratives of noble characters from a fanciful kingdom, somehow mirroring and illustrating mankind’s candid sentiments toward individuality and society. In his exhibition, Defeo and his artworks accentuate rich, honest emotions, and reveal a plethora of facets to inspire candor.

Write-up by Deseree Mangulabnan

February 19, 2023
February 10, 2023

Neil Defeo

Wall of Candor

Wall of Candor
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