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Art Underground Manila

Zenith presents a symphony of artistic genius, where the apex of creativity intersects with intellectual inquiry. This exhibition brings together Marc Aran Reyes, Arce, Arnold Lalongisip, Erikson Arcilla, and Jay Torres, luminaries in the contemporary art scene, to unveil a kaleidoscope of narratives and conceptual explorations. Each artwork is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and profound abstract depth, inviting viewers on a journey of aesthetic discovery and cognitive engagement.

Through a diverse range of styles, the exhibition transcends mere visual appeal to spark dialogue and introspection. Delving into themes of identity, environment, and the human condition, these artworks challenge preconceptions and offer new perspectives, resonating with the intellect and capabilities of stirring the soul.

A curated discourse on the intersection of art, culture, and critical thought, the collection of works beckons the individual to immerse in a world of ingenuity elevated to its zenith, where artistic expression becomes a catalyst for inspired exploration and emotional resonance.

May 21, 2024
May 9, 2024

Various Artists


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