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Marc Aran Reyes

The process of creation, for Marc Aran Reyes (b. 1990), does not only serve the purpose of expressing the overwhelming striking images that have lodged themselves into his consciousness and are begging for release. More than an articulation of artistry, Marc looks to creation as a form of catharsis and a vehicle for self-discovery, with each piece imbibed with a portion of his soul. Simply committed to painting images that have invaded his mind, Marc unleashes a steady stream to the blank space and from then ruminates on his creation. 

A Fine Arts graduate from Far Eastern University, Marc favors minimalist black and white tones which perfectly complement the subject matter bringing viewers back to the focal point and message of every piece.

Though his hyperrealist style appears photographic at first glance, the impeccable execution of his technical studies provides insight into the discipline and painstaking manner in which Marc approaches his paintings. Not one to shy away from technology, Marc commends the contemporary materials at our disposal opting to look at it as an opportunity to enhance and explore the possibilities of his art. 

Though a stalwart supporter of the digital age, Marc still makes sure to work with his hands knowing that nothing rings more true than the stroke borne the very touch of his hand moved by the pulse of his heart is as real as it is ever going to get. This honesty towards the canvas, the viewers, and most importantly to himself is what Marc works hard to protect. Music and memory often invoke images that drives Marc, and his subject, mostly women are chosen for their natural beauty and ability to be imbibed with strong emotions. However, life in all its chaos, struggles and light provide the basis for each piece, perfectly stated by Marc himself who says, “I opt to express the bittersweet truth of life in my paintings. I am a fan of humanity.”

About the Artist

Selected Works

January 10, 2024


December 6, 2023

Marc Aran Reyes

August 14, 2022


August 1, 2022

Marc Aran Reyes
playing invisible


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